Mulago In Oxygen Crisis

The second wave of the spread of the coronavirus continues to hit Uganda hard, and it the most fragile of spots, with the National Referral hospital in Mulago now reporting that they are running low on oxygen supply.

Mulago National Referral Hospital management yesterday admitted that oxygen production in their plants is no longer adequate for the Covid-19 patients following a surge in patient numbers.

The hospital management revealed that there are 195 severe to critical patients admitted to the treatment unit projecting a sharp increase from 21 patients admitted as of May 18.

According to hospital management, the facility has turned to private firms such as Oxygas, Roofing, and Steel and Tube to source medical oxygen.
Mulago purchases 100 cylinders of oxygen daily.

However, plans are underway to establish another oxygen plant at the facility within two weeks.

Dr Baterana Byarugaba, the Mulago hospital director, said one Covid-19 patient requires about 70 litres of oxygen per minute yet the four plants at the hospital can only produce 2,083 litres per minute.

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