East or West Home Is Best

By Lincoln Karuhanga

Most Ugandan’s will shamelessly admit that they are prouder of Uganda’s neighbors than their
own home country. The 2022 Kenya elections were HE: William Ruto emerged winner with
over 50% votes show that just like Uganda, Kenya is also an infant in democracy.
From the start some people perceived it as a great example to which all must follow. Not only
did they perceive it as a great example they went to social media to shower the entire process
with praises while comparing it to Uganda’s.

It was praised because no one was arrested during the entire process, no tear gassing of rallies.
None of the former presidents’ relatives was running for the top seat. Definitely all these are
fundamental for a peaceful election process but can’t be a guarantee.
This raised some questions in my mind. If the election was free and fair why did the Azimio la
umoja camp rush to court? How did an IEBC official mysteriously disappear only to be found
dead? If the electorate in Kenya hadn’t applied calm restraint what would have happened? Why
did four IEBC commissioners hold a rival press conference in which they said “we cannot take
ownership of the results that are going to be announced.”?

However, I must admit there are some lessons to learn from the entire process. All parties
involved in the entire election process must adhere to laws governing the entire process. This
will help avoid clashes that could create a charged electorate thus creating room for future
altercations during the election process. Secondly individuals can disagree with the court’s
pronouncements but shouldn’t involve personalities. This helps to protect the integrity of the
courts. Thirdly the will of the people must never be subverted by those in positions of influence.
Government officials should realize that they are in positions of power for the good will
A healthy democracy requires a decent society. It requires that we are honorable, generous and
tolerant to each other. It’s a duty for every Ugandan to make Uganda a better democracy.
For God and my country. God bless Africa.

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