Boda Boda Cyclists To Carry Passengers Again

In her address to the parliament on Tuesday afternoon, State Minister Of Transport, Joy Kabatsi Kafura announced that commercial cyclists will be allowed back on the road with strict guidelines.

Boda Boda cyclists have been in limbo of business and have been allowed to carry passengers since the Presidnetial address on 18th March that pronounced lockdown on Uganda.

“Boda Bodas will be require to observe strict SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) when they get back on the road for business.”

Joy Kabatsi

The SOPs include a valid Class A Driving Permit, Motor 3rd Party Insurance Cover, carry one passenger at any given time and also have sanitizing avenues on their motorbikes.

Curfew is not expected to be lifted for the operations ofthese bikes and they will therefore maintain operations between 7am to 5pm. Curfew in the currently currently requires that 7pm finds everyone at home.

There is still a dark cloud looming over services like salons, and recreational centers, religious worship places, Shopping centers, arcades, and sports activities. With the president expected to address the nation this evening, more light on the status of these is expected, as Uganda soldiers on in the fight against Coronavirus.

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